Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson has issued a statewide order requiring face masks to be worn in public.
The mandate takes effect Monday, July 20, 2020.  It requires  protective coverings to be worn in all indoor environments where social distancing is not possible and they are exposed to people who aren't part of their household. It requires masks to be worn outdoors under the same circumstances.
There are exceptions for children under 10 years old and people who are unable to wear a mask because of a physical disability or medical condition.

As you know, these are very unusual times we are living in right now.  Covid-19 hit right at the beginning of our 2020 season.  The winter season starts for Eureka Springs around November 1st which means our business often drops to zero travelers until February when we get Valentines weekend but then back to zero until Spring Break.  This year we were lucky to get approximately one solid week of spring break travelers before the nightmare we now know as Covid-19 hit us all.  I can't speak for all lodging, but Cabin Fever closed the cabins down in Mid March and opened back up for Memorial Weekend.  We have lost over 2 months of revenue.  This is going to be an amazingly hard time for all small businesses.  

In order to help combat some of our losses, we have decided to stop offering discounts at this time.  This won't be forever, but for now we feel it is better to stop discounting versus increasing our rates.

We hope you understand and will still come to see us and support and help us to survive this shocking and scary situation we are in.

Finally, we suggest you contact your company and visit your state CDC website to verify what requirements you may need to follow upon returning home.  Many states are requiring 14 day self quarantine after visiting certain locations.  We obviously have no control over this, so please just make sure you are able to comply with whatever regulations your state or company has in place.


Ty & Shannon

Cabin Extras

$85 per person, not including tips.

Basic Swedish one hour massage using light to deep pressure depending on the client's comfort level. The client is encouraged to give feed back as to the degree of pressure that is most effective and comfortable during the treatment. Very relaxing as well as therapeutic.

Please call or email me with the date and time you would prefer and I will verify that those times are available for you.

Would you like a special drink or flower or maybe anniversary cake waiting for you when you arrive?  Just call me and tell me what you want and I will do everything in my power to make it happen.

Would you like to bring your fur baby?  We love fur babies but we do have some rules for them.  First, they are never allowed to be left alone in a cabin unless they are crated.  This is a no exception rule for us.  We know that everyone loves their babies and everyone believes they are very well behaved and they probably are.  However some do get separation anxiety, especially in unknown places.  And with that they do things that aren't always pleasant to deal with.  So, since it's important that the cabins are kept in good condition for all guests we have implemented this rule.  Second, we would Prefer that they be crated at night also.  This isn't a deal breaker but it helps to limit wandering around and doing things that we don't want them doing while everyone is asleep.  Finally, while walking them, IF they happen to do their business in a traffic area, just please pick up after them.  If you take them in the wooded areas, no problem, that's what the woods are for.

We charge a one time fee of $35 for the pet.  It is nonrefundable.  There can be a damage fee if the pet damages furniture or items in the cabin.  In the event something like that did occur, we ask that you contact management immediately so that it can be discussed while you are here.  If we find the damage once you are gone, then we will make our own determination about appropriate costs.

So, if you and your fur baby can handle these few rules, then we would love for them to come to Cabin Fever.